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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bad Timing

I wish this wasn't happening: since last Sunday (working at Farmer's Market) my left low back has been bothering me with a dull ache. I was thinking maybe I just overworked the muscles, but it hasn't gotten better. The side pain has made me reconsider taking the trip, but I don't want to p*** out over nothing. I saw the doc Wednesday and again today, hoping for answers that will make me more comfortable with being on the MC away from home for 10 days. Hmmm....inconclusive results. Muscle pain? Diverticulitis? Probably ok, bringing various meds along just in case.
I had a nice conversation with the nurse, doc and another patient who were admiring my riding gear. They liked the "DO NOT REMOVE HELMET" and "EMERGENCY INFO IN LEFT CHEST POCKET" labels. We were discussing folks who ride wearing novelty helmets; that is thin helmets with no EPS foam layer. Even those are probably better than the common practice in southeast Asia of loading the entire family onto the scooter with no protective gear at all. I guess we're all a bunch of chickens here in the states.
It's all about risk management. That's why I'm checking in with the doctor before my trip and why I wear all this stuff. It doesn't make the ride less fun to prepare for the risks. I hate the idea of being stuck a thousand miles out from home or TN and being incapacitated. It's all a crapshoot really. I just want to better my odds.

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the foxe said...

Scott, how far are you from home? I just talked to an old Navy Buddy that lives in Minden , Nev. He says that its like heaven. Lash