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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Desert Crossing

Safe in Flagstaff, need to sleep soon! Highlights today: chatted with a local in Needdles, CA who works for District Atty. Office. They get a lot of rowdy tourists at Lake Havasu, so they say "Come on vacation, Leave on probation". Sunset in open desert around 8pm, bike down to 35 mpg with cold climb into Flagstaff, hot grips on high & thick gloves. I don't like being on open road so late, especially with deer crossing signs, then "WATCH OUT FOR ELK", as if the deer weren't big enough. Didn't see any though.


2wheel said...

Hey Scott, nice blog. Hope your back is holding up. Look forward to seeing everyone in the Smokies. Rubber down.

Schwing said...

Good to see you safe and on your way. Here is the first of my road warrior words of wisdom. "Mc Donald's not only wins blind taste tests evertime it has the kick you need to keep ya goin." Looking forward to your next update. Keep safe and keep wheeling.

Rob Schwing

Charles said...

Inspiring stuff, Scott.

I got the R65 in the garage and will be rounding up parts this week.

Ride On, Dude!

Robo said...

It's Tuesday and I'm ready to go NOW. Damn, two more nights...

Charles: Who are you? An R65, Dude, I'm jealous. I'd love to see pics.

Rob Courter

Onion Town said...

I'm happy you are pulling off the road before posting these. Safety first!
Keep on trucking, bro!

Charles said...

Robo, I see that you are an Airhead, as well.

I am a fellow Alamedan. I have been riding since 1992 and have owned the '81 R65 since 1998. I put 12K on my BMW F650 commuting to Sunnyvale in a year (!), but prefer longish "iron-but-style" rides like Scott is doing. Maybe I will join him on a ride soon.

Robo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robo said...

That's great, Charles. Again, if you have pics, I'd love to see them (

My first bike was a 1971 R75/5 bought used when I was 18. I had to hide it from my Mom by parking on the side of the house. My Dad liked it though.

Then, I bought a 2005 R12RT which I ride now. My parents came to visit me and I parked the bike on the side of the garage to hide it from my Mom. I showed it to my Dad and he said, "Still hiding bikes from your Mother. You haven't grown up much!"

If anyone here is interested in joining and posting on the "ABIOBIKERS" blog, send me a note and I'll invite you. You don't have to be an ABIO employee, it just started that way. We could use new blood, so check it out:

Hey Schwing, nice to see you posting.

Rob C. "RoboRider"