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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ghost Towns

Thanks for all of you reading and commenting on the blog. I've barely had time to read! Now E of Oklahama City @ gas station, thinking to catch up on my writing. Arizona was nice yesterday although cool and speed plus altitude took a toll on fuel mileage. As I descended into the "Land of Enchantment" I saw more and more abandoned buildings and even towns (unthinkable in a Bay Area realty perspective) and junked vehicles from the freeway. Maybe it's just the 40 corridor. Texas was cleaner but kind of stark in a Teutonic way. After my sundown headlight change in Amarillo, I headed out with half a tank into the dark. I was having second thoughts about this about 70 miles and a couple closed gas stations later, after 10 pm. Low fuel light was on and I had too many miles to go to Elk City. I was praying for a gas station soon. The third gas exit I tried was also closed. No-one was there, the station lights were out and there was a rusty tanker trunk parked nearby. It was dark, windy and kind of reminded me of the ghost story scene in the movie Cars...but the pumps were on! I tried my card, and thankfully it worked. While fueling I made a quick goodnight call back to Shaleah and the kids, then hit the road. Wouldn't you know it, there was a well-lit Chevron station open, like a beacon on the hill, just 10 miles later. I spooked myself over nothing. I need to change that habit. More 'articles' kicking around in my head to come soon.


Matt said...

Hi Scott,
Been there (scaring myself once the low fuel light is on). Great idea with the blog.
I have to admit after you said you were coming and especially now that I've seen the blog, I am jealous that I've only got 600 miles to get to TN.
Ride safe - see you tomorrow.

Onion Town said...

scary, dude. Yeah, never leave town without gassing up whether you need it or not. I broke the rule on my trip out from Minneapolis and nearly paid the price.
wish they'd had Blogger back then!