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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


From Ft. Smith, OK. I've got 373 mi to go for tonight's stop, Jackson TN. Oklahoma is far more humid than TX, or of course any of the previous states. I should have done some laundry then. Stuff didn't dry in my room last night, hence the clothesline above. Almost 2 pm and socks still wet. At least the damp shirt I put on this a.m. kept me a little cooler (tnx for tip, Matt). This reminds me of MN summers. The roadside scenery is like MN too. Green and forested rolling hills, but all deciduous trees and no pine or birch, but a kind of tree we don't have in MN, the Oil Tree. In Western OK I saw several of them pumping away in the woods.
Lots more to say but must make tracks while the sun shines.

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