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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TreoStich- Comms for the trip

This is how I make my commute more enjoyable. 'Helmet Time' is my time to unwind and catch up with my news. My old Treo 650 will be loaded with podcasts and rigged for mobile data on the trip. Yes, I can make (speed-dial) and answer phone calls en route. Feel free to call or text if you have my cell number. Here's what I'm listening to: The Cell Phone Junkie, AMA Edgewise, Bytesize Science, The Commonwealth Club Radio Program, BBC Digital Planet, the I, Cringely column, KQED's QUEST Science Radio Podcast, various NPR programs, and a few PRI programs as well. I can also get internet radio via the Pocket Tunes program, at least where the phone has data coverage.

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