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Friday, May 30, 2008

Wakey wakey!

Morning coffee and prepping for the day's ride

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Dennis said...

Hi Scott-
Elizabeth and I enjoyed your pics and postings. Ain't technology grand?
We are at Caribou Coffee in Eagan this morning; Elizabeth is going shopping and baking cookies with new graduate Kimberly Vohs. I'm going to Paul's new studio; he is up and running w a photo shoot scheduled for this afternoon (Friday).
Have a safe trip!
Dad and Elizabeth
Hi scot,
479-236-4583 is Nadine (my daughter)phone number she lives in Fayetteville Arkansas . If you want a day to rest and relax I know she would be happy to see you. They have a big house with a pool and plenty of space. Feel free to call her and stay . Have a great trip1