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Monday, July 7, 2008


Always have an out. Last Thursday on my way out of the office for the holiday weekend I discovered I had a flat rear tire. A scew had punctured it somwhere on the way to work that morning, apparently. Bummer! I had replaced both tires only a few weeks before, following the big trip. Fortunately I had a plug kit and pump with me, so it only took about 45 minutes for me to plug & inflate it. This photo is the inside of the plug after I had the tire replaced. It looked pretty good & was holding air, but I've had a previous MC throw a plug out after riding on it for a while. There goes a couple hundred $$! At least John Brimberry at OTD Cycles of Oakland cut me a good price and had me in and out promptly. I like this shop!


Robo said...

Now Scott, that's good Karma! You ride all the way to TN and back with no issues and get a flat at work. Timing would only have been better if you got the flat ON THE WAY TO WORK!

I wouldn't ride extensively on a plug, but why not a patch? I thought internal patches (by a tire shop) were perfectly good?

Rob C

MotorDad said...

Tnx Rob. I've actually heard otherwise. The dealer (granted, a vested interest)said he won't put in an internal patch for liability reasons but could sell me a kit. Considering the cost of the new tire $180 installed vs. doing the whole thing myself with an uncertain result I decided to replace, not repair. I still wonder if I shouldn't have taken the punched tire home and patched it for a future spare. My beemer threw a plug like the one you see here after a couple weeks of riding on it.