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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cluster repair

Hi Guys, it's been an interesting evening so far. First off, I figured out if I just open the door to the elevator every so often, the garage lights will stay on : )
Next, I discovered the speedometer cable is broken but both speedometers work. I 'spun it up' with the cable between my fingers and it indicated speed. Also, the new eBay unit has no voltmeter (no big deal) but is also broken on the inside, probably from frontal impact. See the white part in the attached photos. I also wondered why the cable had gone bad. Looking at the drive gear from the unit off the bike, it appears to have had the cable threads bunged up at one point. Also, the back cover from the old unit is a little torn up near the cable opening. Therefore, I scavenged the better drive gear from the eBay unit and back cover too to make one good unit. A funny thing about why the odo would work but not the speedo: there's a little rubber peg (see speedo face below) that stops the needle from going below zero kph, and if it's pushed in too far and somehow the needle gets below it, it can't indicate ABOVE zero. Weird. So to fix that, I just gave a little tug on the rubber peg. Anyway, it's 23:00 now so I need to reassemble my hybrid and go to bed. I'll remount it tomorrow. Also, I tried to pump the tires to the Metzeler spec for this bike from their website, but my stupid hand-tire pump won't do a thing, so I'll hit a tankstelle tomorrow and correct them. I feel like I haven't fixed anything tonight, but I've sure learned a lot. I need another drive cable tomorrow, and then this cluster should work.

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