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Friday, September 3, 2010

Road trip rationale, wish me luck!

1985 Kawasaki GPz900A

So, let me get this straight. You're going on a weekend moto tour of the mountains in Switzerland and Austria, and taking a 25 yr old motorcycle that smells like a Molotov cocktail?
Yeah, but it's free rental from a friend!
What do you mean, free? You're up til midnight wrenching on it. No speedo, no odometer, fuel gauge only partly works... Sloppy throttle.
It's kind of like the 555 ride from the recent CycleWorld article (under 500cc, under $500, 1975 or older), or like that old Glydon article about how the newest most competent tourer can't always get you to the same destination (state of mind in this case) as an older, smaller simpler bike. Plus, I have other rider support. And I'm cheap. Now the throttle free-play is taken up with a highly modified pipette tip, the speedo works, and I figured out where the Molotov aroma is coming from and just need some tubing to fix it. I'm getting to be a whiz at popping the tank off. Now I've got to start weaning myself from this good European coffee so I can get a decent night's sleep.

Tasks mostly complete:
Replace speedo/tach, ck speedo cable
Throttle cable rpr? Pipette tip.
Adjust tire psi, 36/42
Fork psi 7.1
Rear shock psi 7.1 - 21
Replace missing fairings/subframe bolts (optional, something's holding it on!)
Replace negative battery bolt? Fixed.
Inspect brakes, flush DOT4? Nope.
Ck all lights/horn

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