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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oregon Trail, Day 1

I've always heard how beautiful Oregon is, but haven't been yet

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Scott D Nelson said...

Woah- this didn't publish right....
I've always heard how beautiful Oregon is, but haven't been yet

Somehow I thought I'd be much farther by now, but enjoying the trip all the same. Friday was my last day at Life Tech and I'm taking some long-overdue R&R.

I left the house at 9:50 and then High Street Cafe (visiting Shaleah) at 10:15, and had Petaluma behind me by 11:05. 101 was moving well and I figured I'd be to Eureka by 3:00. The schedule started to drift when I was passing Ukiah and started to think about lunch. I rolled to Vichy Springs (suggested by billboard) but found they had no cafe, although the clerk helpfully suggested a few places. I chose Ukiah Brewing Company

Where I was pleased to see a couple other older bikes geared up for touring as well, although I didn't meet the riders. After a light lunch I hit the road again, and discovered 101 runs a lot slower and narrower along much of the Redwood Highway, particularly through Willits.
A little later, I was distracted by an exit called "Drive Through a Tree Road". Had to do it- I paid $3 to drive through a tree (and grab a couple souvenirs).

Later I found a nice coffee & cookie stop near Avenue of the Giants (another unplanned exit)

Finally made it to Eureka and stopped only for gas, then Trinidad CA for an excellent fresh fish sandwich dinner at The Lighthouse (and grocery stop for tomorrow's brekkie) and finally setup camp at Patrick's Point State Park just as the sun was going down. I'm writing this in my tent as I listen to the ocean waves quietly roaring against the cliffs. Tomorrow, Oregon coast!