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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oregon Trail, Day 4

Pardon the delay- as soon as I returned home, too much to do! This of course is why i took the trip in the 1st place.
Day 4 was all about getting home, and I anticipated a boring flat long drive. Fortunately, I discovered Oregon's I-5 is anything but boring. Soon out of Roseberg I reached Grant's Pass, and from there down to about Redding CA the scenery was spectacular. The 5 winds through the mountains there with many scenic high speed sweeping turns, and the power to weight ratio of the bike made all of them more entertaining. Here's a pic of Mt. Shasta just beyond the CA border.
The photo doesn't really do it justice, but I was entertained. I reached Vallejo (and Bay Area commute traffic) around 4:30, and was home before 5:30 thanks to the agility of the bike through rush hour. 
I finished the day at a beach birthday party for one of Benjamin's friends, home in time to enjoy the sunset.

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